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Endymed uses 3Deep skin science to deliver clinically effective treatments to help tighten, lift and firm the skin. Endymed is designed to stimulate the natural responses in your skin, it promotes a more youthful appearance as it tightens, firms and smooths lifted skin.  Its like turning back the clock! Endymed is a non-surgical skin tightening and lifting treatment that uses radiofrequency to penetrate heat into the skin. This encourages the natural production of collagen cells to be produced which in turn tightens and plumps the skin.  
There is different Endymed treatments available in SeaBreeze, so a consultation is required to see which one is best suited to your concerns. 

Endybleph €175 

Endymed Glow 1 Area €120 

Endymed Glow 2 Area €160 

Endymed Pure 1 Area €100 

Endymed Pure Full Face €180


Pre & Post Treatment Care

Pre Treatment

-Avoid direct sun light 2 weeks prior to treatment 

-Come off all active products 5 days prior to treatment 

-Avoid any facial waxing or exfoliation to the skin before treatment 

-Drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated


Post Treatment

-Avoid touching the skin directly after treatment  

-Do not use any active products on the skin for the next 5 days after treatment 

-No facial waxing or exfoliation after treatment 

-Use a gentle hydrating moisturiser for the 5 days after treatment 

-Reapply your SPF every 2 hours to keep kin protected 

-No strenuous activities 2 days after your treatment 


Who is Endymed suited for? 

Endymed is suited for anyone who wants to tighten, plump and firm the skin. 

Its suitable for anyone concerned about fine lines or wrinkles, acne scaring or loose sagging skin.

It’s not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women or people with: 

-Skin diseases

-Skin infections



-Metal implants 

Dental implants


How often should I get Endymed done? 

Depending on the treatment your advance skin specialist advises will depend on how frequent your treatment will be.

How long does the treatment take? 

Approx. 1hr – 1.5hrs depending on what area is been worked on.

What types of Endymed treatments are available? 


-Endymed Glow 

-Endymed Pure 

What is the downtime with Endymed?  

-The skin will appear slightly red, like mild sunburn, but this subsides quickly.  

-You must keep the treated area clean and avoid makeup for a day or two.  

-Reapply SPF every 2 hours so your skin is protected.  

-Follow-up sessions may be scheduled to maintain and enhance the results. 

-Avoid the use of any actives on the skin for 5 days post treatment