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Voya's 100% organic products are safe to usethroughout pregnancy and anyone undergoing Chemotherapy/Radiation treatment. Asteam shower is included in all wraps and scrubs. The ultimate treat for tiredand dull skin. These invigorating all over body exfoliations refine skintexture and increased lustre.

  • Hydrating Body Buffs Scrub -  gentle nature
    55 mins €80
  • Peppermint Sugar Scrub  - coarse texture
    55 mins €80
  • Stimulating Body Buff Scrub - medium texture
    55 mins €80

  • Oceanessence rap hydrating & detoxifying
    75 mins €100
  • An organicwrap treatment that stimulates lymph and blood flow. This detoxifies andstimulates the renewal of cells through a full body exfoliation with groundwalnut shells. It is an excellent skin rejuvenation, combating cellulite andmuscle fatigue with the smoothening and moisturizing effects of two powerfulseaweeds. You will also enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. angle me up raphydrating 60 mins

  • TangleMe Up Wrap – Hydrating
    60 mins €90
  • Revitalize skin with full body brushing and hottowel cleanse that relaxes tired lethargic muscles and relieves stress andfatigue. Enjoy a scalp massage while your skin absorbs the seaweed gel.