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Is your skin in need of rejuvenation?

Are you bothered by age/sun spots, broken capillaries, or just the overall appearance of your skin? 

Lumenis® M22™ provides an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment—also known as a Photofacial treatment—designed to gently and effectively treat a wide range of skin conditions, including:

  • - Skin discoloration or blemishes (sun/age spots and freckles)
  • - Pigmentation
  • - Acne/Acne Scarring
  • - Visible signs of aging
  • - Spider veins or broken capillaries

How Does M22 Ipl Technology Work?

IPL photo-rejuvenation technology treats pigmentation and vascular imperfections while improving your skin’s overall appearance. Lumenis IPL with optimal pulse technology lets your therapist customize your treatment to your skin type and the results you want.

Light pulses move through the skin, creating heat and targeting skin imperfections in a controlled way. The treated area then flakes off when your body goes through its natural and constant process of exfoliation. At the same time, collagen and elastic fibers are stimulated, which results in a visible improvement of your skin’s tone and overall appearance. Downtime is minimal, but aftercare must be strictly adhered to.

For best results, a minimum of 4 treatments is recommended.

A tailored homecare plan is also essential for the correct care and results for your skin.

Consultation Necessary. Course of 4 treatments -1 treatment monthly


    Face Rejuvenation - €150

    Vascular /Broken veins - €120-€150

    Pigmentation Spot - €90

    Acne - €100-€150 depending on the severity

    Before & After treatment